How to Replace Windows in a Mobile Home

How to Replace Windows in a Mobile Home. If you own a mobile home, you can perform many repair projects yourself at low cost and replace worn out items with only a little time and effort.

If you need to replace exterior windows on your manufactured home, follow this basic routine to ensure that your new windows fit as snugly as the old ones.

  1. Check your mobile home windows to determine if you need to replace or repair them. If bad weather or general wear and tear have comprised the window to the point where it constantly lets rain and cold air inside, choose a replacement window instead of repair.

  2. Take out the old window and measure it. Make sure that the window opening has a perfect square shape. If it's a little off, you can buy shims to ensure that the new window fits. Make the opening larger and buy a larger window if the space has changed size significantly since the first window installation, or downsize the opening and fit a smaller window.

  3. Assemble your repair items. Use the correct size screws, putty, a screwdriver, sealant and a drill. Ask the salesperson at the home supply store about any special installation requirements for the window. Remove any siding around the window before you begin, being careful not to bend aluminum.

  4. Remove the old mobile home window. Use a drill to take out the old screws, then carefully detach the frame and window. Scrub away old putty tape and put new tape around the frame. Putty tape covers gaps if you have vertical siding and you can use two rows of it for extra padding.

  5. Place half the screws in the window frame, then check to see that it's square before continuing. Place and tighten the rest of the screws, then put sealant around the window top at the point where it touches the siding. Replace the siding you removed and you'll have a more comfortable, draft free mobile home.