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How to Rewrap a Wicker Leg

How to Rewrap a Wicker Leg. If you have an old wicker chair that needs repair, consider doing the work yourself instead of paying a professional to do it. Rewrapping wicker to your furniture is easy if you follow the correct procedures.

  1. Remove the old wicker from the chair leg. Clean the surface of the leg to remove any debris.

  2. Soak the new rattan in water for 2 to 12 hours depending on the type of rattan you're using. That's a large gap in time, but as a rule of thumb, you'll know the rattan is ready when it's as easy to bend as a piece of string.

  3. Place the beginning edge of the rattan at the top of the leg, flush to the bottom edge of the seat frame. Secure it with the tiny wire nail provided with your rattan repair kit.

  4. Slowly start wrapping the rattan material around the chair leg, making sure the material is taut and no gaps are seen. Place a wire nail periodically to secure it to the leg. Check the instructions from your kit for the recommended spacing of the wire nails.

  5. Cut the excess rattan off, and secure the end to the chair leg.

  6. Let the rattan dry before painting, staining or sealing your wicker chair.


Wicker chairs are made from many different types and sizes of material. Measure the existing materials on your chair to find out what size you need, and order the kit for that size.


When soaking your rattan material, keep it out of direct sunlight. Place a little bit of detergent in with the rattan to help prevent any damaging bacteria from forming on the material.