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How to Make Bamboo Furniture

Table of Contents

How to Make Bamboo Furniture. Bamboo is a hollow grass that is available in many varieties. While you can make some types of bamboo furniture yourself, it is often difficult and requires a great deal of skill.

Those without bamboo furniture making skills should stick to manageable projects such as bamboo wall coverings or a simple bamboo framed coffee table.

Gather Your Supplies

  1. Visit the Bamboo Fencer website to choose from a variety of bamboo poles (see Resources below).

  2. Discuss your project with your bamboo pole seller to be sure you select the appropriate products.

Prepare the Split Rattan

  1. Measure out the split rattan to match the sides of your MDF sheet. The MDF sheet will form the table top.

  2. Cut the split rattan at a 45 degree angle using the miter box. This is so that the corners of the rattan meet to make a square corner.

  3. Sand the newly cut ends of the each piece of rattan. Make sure you sand only in the direction away from the cut--if you sand towards the cut, the rattan will splinter.

  4. Spray the rattan pieces with shellac over newspaper or other protected surface.

  5. Allow the rattan pieces to dry, then shellac again. A third coat may be necessary.

  6. Hammer a finishing nail slightly into the corner of a rattan piece.

Attach the Split Rattan to the Tabletop

  1. Place wood glue on the end on the rattan piece and press it onto the edge of the MDF sheet.

  2. Hammer the nail in the rest of the way.

  3. Repeat this process with the remaining three rattan pieces.

Prepare the Bamboo Legs

  1. Cut the bamboo into four 10 inch pieces.

  2. Sand the freshly cut edges.

  3. Pre-drill holes into each leg where the corner brace will attach.

  4. Screw the corner braces onto the legs.

Attach the Legs

  1. Position each leg 2 inches in from the corner of the tabletop and mark with your pencil.

  2. Screw the corner brace into the tabletop to secure the bamboo leg.

  3. Attach the remaining legs until your furniture is complete.


Avoid splintering by sanding bamboo and rattan away from any cut you have made.


Bamboo cannot be easily painted.