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How to Make Bamboo Fencing

How to Make Bamboo Fencing. Bamboo fencing can bring a taste of the Orient into your backyard. Durable and weather-resistant, its natural color and texture will complement almost any landscape. The best part is you can make a bamboo fence in an afternoon just by following these steps.

Make Bamboo Fencing
  1. Dig holes that measure 1-foot deep and a minimum of 4 feet apart, using a spade or post-hole digger.

  2. Insert the bamboo posts in the holes. Use a string to ensure the tops are level. Tamp down post holes after filling.

  3. Mark the inside of the posts at 6, 12 and 24-inch intervals from the top. Drill pilot holes through the posts at each marking to keep the bamboo from splitting.

  4. Attach your keyhole saw to a drill and bore out the holes. When the bit is in the hole increase power slowly and drill completely through the post. Repeat for each post.

  5. Hammer 24-inch long rebar into the ground to secure the posts. With each post over the rebar push down firmly until the rebar is through the bamboo's diaphragm.

  6. Cut the straightest canes for the cross boards to match the inside dimensions of the bamboo fence's panels. An extra inch must be allowed for the bamboo to be inserted ½-inch into the post. Once you know the position of each piece drill a ½-inch hole in each post.

  7. Insert the crosspieces. When in place, rotate each one until straight. Nail to the post with a nail long enough to penetrate the post. Avoid striking the bamboo with the nail or it may crack. If you are having difficulty installing a crossbar, enlarge the hole with a wood rasp.

  8. Tie on the vertical canes. Use a string to ensure they are level. Trim the cane facing upward to then nearest joint end.


Adding a vertical cane to each post is optional. Used mainly to present a more finished look, it does not improve the structure of the bamboo fence. Never nail directly into bamboo. Use a drill and a nail driver. Wear gloves to avoid splinters. Apply natural or petroleum-based preservatives. Bamboo canes vary in color, straightness, cracking and joint position. Account for this in your design.

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