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How to Build a Bamboo Bed Frame

Beverlee Brick

You can buy bamboo cut like other kinds of lumber. If using that kind of bamboo, you can build any kind of frame you want. But you can also build an attractive bed frame using natural bamboo poles, lumber that looks like what people think of when somebody says "bamboo." This plan is for a queen size bed frame, but you can adapt it to fit any size of bed by adjusting the length to which you cut your lumber.

Step 1

Cut the 6-inch diameter bamboo poles to 80 inches long each.

Step 2

Cut the 1-inch diameter bamboo poles to 60 inches long each.

Step 3

Lay the three 80-inch bamboo poles parallel to one another with their ends aligned. The centerline of the middle pole should run 27 inches from the centerlines of the exterior two poles.

Step 4

Lay one 60-inch pole perpendicular to the 80-inch poles. The ends of the pole should approximately line up with the outside edges of the exterior poles. The outer edge of pole should run flush with the ends of the 80-inch poles.

Step 5

Nail the 60-inch pole in position with one finishing nail per 80-inch pole it crosses. Drive the nail through the narrower pole and into the centerline of the wider pole beneath. This job is much easier to do without splitting the bamboo if you use a nail gun, but don't by a nail gun just for this project.

Step 6

Repeat steps four and five to lay down the remaining 60-inch poles in a line along the length of the 80-inch poles.

Step 7

Place your mattress on top of the frame.