How to Fix a Deep Scratch in a Wood Table

This is a good way to fix a deep scratch in a wood table top. I tried this and it worked great... my table is as good as new.

Fix a Deep Scratch in a Wood Table
  1. The first thing we need to do is determine if we have a deep scratch in our table or a minor surface scratch. The best way to figure this out is to rub you finger accross the surface and see if you feel a groove. If you don't feel a groove then follow this How to Quickly Fix a Scratch in a Wood Table. Now we need to take a picture of the table top so we can match the stain to it.

  2. Now we need to go to the local hardware store and purchase some stainable wood filler or some prestained wood filler. We also want to take out our picture and find some stain to match it. We need to make sure we buy some clear coat sealer for the table.

  3. Now we need to take some of the wood filler out and mix stain into it to turn it the same color as the table. Now carefully work the wood filler into the crack with your fingers. We need to smooth out the wood filler and then let it dry.

  4. Now we need to take a towel and buff the area around and over the scratch. Then we need to put a coat of clear coat over the area and let it dry. Now you are all set to enjoy your new table.