John Deere 44 Inch Snowblower Mounting Instructions

Steven Douglas

John Deere has made installing a 44-inch snow thrower to its line of lawn and garden tractors fairly straightforward. By following a series of step-by-step instructions, the average homeowner can install and learn to use the snow thrower attachment in less than two hours.

  1. Park the tractor on a flat level surface, with the vehicle aligned with the snow thrower several feet away. Turn off the engine, remove the key and set the parking brake.

  2. Install two mounting brackets to the front of the tractor frame--these should be included in the mounting kit. The brackets are designed to utilize holes pre-drilled in the frame, about 6 inches in from the front tires. Fasten each mounting bracket with two metric M12x30 bolts and two M12 hex-head locking nuts. The bolt heads should be placed on the inside of the bracket.

  3. Slide the two mounting brackets down so that bottom is level with tractor frame, then tighten the nuts. Install the manual lifting kit by placing the front lift shaft into the slotted holes on the mounting brackets you just installed. Slide in the oval shaped bearings onto both ends of front lift shaft, and secure the right side of the shaft with a large spring-lock pin.

  4. Install the welded lift rod onto the left side of front lift shaft. Secure it with a pre-drilled alignment pin, then place a small spring-locking pin through the pin's hole to prevent it from coming free. Slide an M10 washer onto the end of the front lift shaft, then slide on a second washer then secure them both by fastening a small spring-locking pin onto the front lift shaft.

  5. Drive the tractor onto both pieces of 2x4s to raise the front of the tractor high enough to guide the snow thrower under the front axle. Turn off the engine, remove the key and set the parking brake. Pull lift lever arm as far back as it will go to raise front lift shaft.

  6. Position each cam on the snow thrower mount rearward, to the open position. Push the snow thrower guide handle forward, then slide the snow thrower frame partway under the tractor. Align the V-brackets onto the pivot pins. Pivot both cams up and over the pivot pins until they both lock securely.

  7. Remove both the drilled security pins from the C-shaped latches in the frame and let both latches swing open. Slide the snow thrower frame the remaining way under the tractor, keeping it centered with the front of the tractor.

  8. Attach both sides of the rear snow thrower frame to the draft arm pivot bolts using the C-shaped latches that were just opened. Install the drilled pin clips through holes in the latches and the snow thrower frame, then fasten them with spring clips.

  9. Move the belt tightening lever on the tractor to the rear position, which will loosen the PTO belt. Push the PTO belt onto the tractor's drive sheave. Pivot the belt-tightening lever forward, then lock it beneath the snow thrower frame, which will tighten the belt. Push the lift lever completely forward to lower the snow thrower lift shaft.

  10. Attach the sway bars to the sway-bar bracket using locking pins. Secure two yokes to the front lift shaft using locking pins. Attach the slotted ends of the snow chute with the spout control bracket, and secure with locking pins. Pull the lift lever fully back and lock the snow thrower into the fully raised configuration. Move the snow thrower guide wheels to the storage position, and attach them with locking pins.