What Can I Use to Repel Birds?

Moira Clune

Normally, birds are a welcome addition to your home and yard. But when they become a nuisance—contaminating water, harming roof shingles or destroying crops—it's time to think about discouraging them. Several repellent options are available.

Repel With Ultrasonic Predator Sounds

Ultrasonic devices create a sound that only birds can hear. These machines mimic natural predatory sounds, distress cries and other sounds that birds don't like.

Repel With Sonic Distress Cries

Sonic devices are programmable and create sounds that chase birds away. These sound like the distress cries of other birds.

Frighten Birds With Visual Deterrents

These are modern versions of the scare crow. Owl eyes, fox replicas, fake alligators and shiny, spooky mylar strips discourage birds.

Make Food Sources Taste Bad

Bitter and stinky, taste aversion repellents work by making food sources taste and smell bad. These solutions are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Inhibit Roosting With Discomfort

Pointy, sticky or clingy, roost inhibitors prevent birds from landing or nesting on surfaces. One or two tries will discourage even the most persistent birds.

Let Dogs And Cats Chase Birds Off

Birds fear cats and dogs. People, however, love cats and dogs, so they make an excellent bird repellent choice.