The Volume of a Wheelbarrow

Kim Fuller

Wheelbarrows are useful for yard work and construction. They conveniently hold and carry materials and can generally be lifted and pushed on a single wheel by one individual. The size and volume of wheelbarrows vary, but they rarely hold more than 10 cubic feet.

Wheelbarrows are useful in yard cleanup and other outdoor projects.


A wheelbarrow typically has a volume of about 8 cubic feet and weighs about 55 pounds when it's empty. These wheelbarrows are about 65 inches long, 30 inches wide and 30 inches high.


The cubic footage of a wheelbarrow can be important when you plan to move solid material such as dirt and leaves. But a well-sealed wheelbarrow can also be used to carry liquid such as water or compost tea, which is more easily measured in gallons or liters. The average 8-cubic-foot wheelbarrow can hold about 60 gallons or 227 liters.


Weight is an important consideration for a wheelbarrow, whether moving liquids or solids. A wheelbarrow with the volume of 8 cubic feet will hold about 460 pounds of water or about 1,200 pounds of concrete. But weight is also an important consideration for the wheelbarrow user. To avoid injury, never overload your wheelbarrow in terms of weight, even if it means the wheelbarrow is not entirely full.