Frigidaire Dehumidifier Problems

Evelyn De Matias

Frigidaire dehumidifiers are helpful in eliminating the moisture from the air in a room. As with any other electric home appliance, they can sometimes malfunction. It is helpful to understand this brand's common problems, and to know whether you can fix something yourself or if you should call a repairman.


Most Frigidaire dehumidifiers have selectors with various settings. It if is set too high, it may reach the highest humidity level, which can cause the unit to malfunction. It will run properly again after being set on a lower humidity level. If the reservoir remains empty, clean it thoroughly of dirt and dust, which are detrimental to the system’s efficient performance. If it continues to malfunction, get a repairman to do the job.


The coil at the back of the dehumidifier is called the evaporator. The air condenses on this coil every time the fan draws moisture from it. If the temperature continues to drop, the coil eventually freezes. If this is the case, turn off the dehumidifier and allow the room temperature to increase, which will defrost the coil. You may also put the dehumidifier on an elevated surface, where the temperature is much warmer than on the floor.


There is no cause for concern if your dehumidifier’s container fills up frequently; it only signifies it is running properly. If you notice that the container seems to fill up quickly, though, you should suspect either a leak on the air pipe that brings added moisture into the container or there is a water leak from an open space or crack. Sealing the crack where the leak originates will remedy this problem.


Frigidaire dehumidifiers have a fan that blows air over the coil. If no air comes out of it, the fan motor may be burned out or the fan blade is broken. If this happens, replace the motor or the fan blade, and make sure it functions properly.


If the humidifier seems to be running too much, check to see if the humidistat is set to its maximum rate, which may be the cause. Unless the full bucket sensor turns it off or you lower the setting, the humidistat will continue to run according to its setting. Open spaces like doors and windows contribute to a high humidity level. You should also check the grilles, which may be blocked by dirt or dust when the humidifier does not seem to circulate enough hot or cold air.

The area may also be too big for the dehumidifier to function properly. In this case, find a dehumidifier with the right size to set your room at its ideal humidity. Humidifier models indicated for 700 square feet are good for small bedrooms. Before making any purchase, read the unit's rating and specifications, and make sure the one you buy is appropriate for your space.