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What Is a Microhood Microwave?

Alexis Lawrence

A microhood microwave is designed to fit on the underside of a cabinet above a cooktop. It's smaller and more versatile than a standard microwave that must sit on a counter or another flat, solid surface. Microhood microwaves are made by several companies, including Kenmore, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid.


The word “Microhood” comes from combining the terms microwave and oven or range hood. The unit has the necessary cooking features of a standard microwave, but also has an exhaust hood over a stove top. The controls for both components are featured on the face of the microwave unit. Some Microhood units also contain a light that can be powered on from the control panel. The light serves as an over-the-range light.


A Microhood microwave is designed to save space, which may be especially beneficial in kitchens with limited counter space. The exhaust hood feature is essential if you install the microwave under the cabinetry directly over a range. The hood pulls the moisture out of the kitchen air while the microwave is in use, which helps prevents mold and mildew. A hood also pulls out the fumes of a gas stove, which helps prevent gas inhalation and possible fire risks.

Sizes and Venting

Microhood Microwaves come in several sizes, but they are all small enough to fit in the space beneath the cabinetry directly above the cooktop. Measure the width and depth of the cabinet space to determine the maximum size for the microwave. Whether or not you are willing to put in a duct for the microwave also determines your Microhood options. Some Microhood microwaves require a duct that vents to the outside, which must be installed through a wall or up through the roof. Some include ductless exhaust features that circulate air back into the kitchen.


It is essential to follow the guidelines that the manufacturer of the Microhood microwave includes with the unit. These guidelines offer specific instructions on how to install the unit, as well as information regarding the amount of space required between the bottom of the Microhood and the cooktop. Generally, Microhood microwaves install like other under-cabinet microwaves. You must install the brackets included with the unit and then attach the unit to those brackets.