Do Most Range Hoods Have an Electrical Outlet?

Cooking produces steam, moisture, odors and smoke.

Range Hood Electricity

The range hood is needed to clear the air in your kitchen.The range hood is needed to clear the air in your kitchen.
A ventilation hood directly above the range pulls these byproducts out of your kitchen to the exterior of your home. These hoods are more than just large funnels with a fan inside. They require an electric current to operate. While most range hoods do not use an electrical outlet, it is an option.

Both the lights over the stove and the fan require electrical wiring to work. Wiring the range hood can be as simple as plugging it into an outlet or attaching it to your home's electrical system.

Direct Wiring

Most range hoods are directly wired into the home's electric system. Truman C. Surbrook and others in "Interpreting the National Electrical Code" note that "now" range hoods that plug into an electric outlet are allowed. This implies that the previous standard was for the hood to be directly wired into the electrical system. The wires for the range hood feed to the junction box of the range hood. Open this box to attach the wires to your home's electric system. Most range hoods operate on a standard 120-volt current, and do not need a specialty circuit such as those for larger electric appliances, like stoves.

Electric Plugs for Range Hoods

According to the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) executive director of Standards and Safety, H. Brooke Stauffer, in "NFPA's Residential Wiring: A Practical Guide for the 2005 National Electrical Code," the code allows for range hoods connect to the home's electricity by a plug. The cord for the plug needs to be between 18 and 36 inches long to provide access to the nearest electric outlet.

Outlet for Range Hood

The electric outlet for the range hood needs to be wired on a separate branch, and the outlet should be grounded. Place the outlet in an easily accessible spot for the hood's cord to easily reach without bunching or needing an extension cord. The best spot for an outlet is in the cabinets above or to the side of the range. This is similar to the location for the electric outlet for an above-the-range microwave.