How to Troubleshoot Gibson Furnaces

Meredith Jameson

Gibson furnaces are manufactured by Nordyne and come in fixed or variable speed, single- or two-stage units with energy efficiency ratings of over 80 percent. The furnaces are available in oil or gas models and come with a heavy, scratch-resistant cabinet and an electronic control board.

Gibson sells all furnaces with a 10-year limited parts warranty, but if minor problems arise during daily use, users who use some troubleshooting techniques to help fix the problem might be able to prevent a service call entirely.

  1. Verify that the Gibson furnace is plugged into an electrical outlet if nothing on the furnace works. Note that the household circuit breaker or fuse may need to be reset or replaced.

  2. Locate the main power switch on the furnace and turn it “On” if the furnace is not sending out any heat. Turn the thermostat up to a higher temperature and remove possible drafts, including open doors or windows, to help ensure better heating.

  3. Examine the pilot light and verify that the flame is lit. If it is not, turn off and unplug the furnace and open the access panel. Clean the burner area with a soft brush to remove debris or grease that may prevent proper functioning. Position the thermocouple, which is the bracket around the pilot light, so that it evenly surrounds the pilot light.

  4. Empty the condensate drain reservoir if it is full and the furnace is not operating as needed. Clean the drain area to remove any possible blockages.

  5. Clean the furnace air filter with cold, soapy water and rinse if the furnace is not heating accurately. Once clean, let the filter dry before placing it back into the furnace.