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How to Troubleshoot a Trane Electric Furnace That Blows but No Heat

Kefa Olang

Trane electric furnaces such as the XB90 can output an excess of 113,000 BTUH to provide optimal heating efficiency for your home. Meeting Energy Star compliance, Trane electric furnaces can be efficient for heating large or small areas.

Most times, your furnace will perform optimally; however, occasional problems such as incorrect thermostat settings and blocked vents may interfere with heating efficiency. Before calling a Trane dealer or an HVAC technician, a few troubleshooting guidelines may solve problems if your Trane furnace is blowing air but not heat.

  1. Check your thermostat's settings and make sure it's set to "HEAT." If your thermostat has a fan button, push it to the "ON" position. Increase the temperature set point if your Trane furnace still isn't producing heat. Select a temperature setting that is higher than the indoor temperature displayed on your thermostat. Some thermostat's have recommended temperature set points, so refer to your device's manual for additional troubleshooting notes.

  2. Reset your thermostat if it's not regulating temperature properly. If your thermostat has a reset button, press it for a few seconds, and then release. The process for resetting a thermostat varies with different models, so refer to your device's manual.

  3. Inspect the vents and remove obstructions such as toys, drapes and furniture that could be blocking airflow. Blocked vents may limit the efficiency of your Trane heating system.


Contact an HVAC technician if your unit is freezing or if your circuit breakers aren't supplying power to your furnace.