Haier Dehumidifier Troubleshooting

Michael J. Scott

If you have ever lived in the southern region of the United States, you understand how oppressive the humidity can be. The intense humidity can even affect the interior of your house, ruining books and damaging electronic devices.

A potential solution for the overwhelming moisture in the air is to use a Haier dehumidifier. By drying out the air, the dehumidifier can keep your house dry and protect your things. Unfortunately, even the best dehumidifier may encounter problems, and that means learning how to troubleshoot your dehumidifier so you don't have to panic during those 90 percent humidity days in July.

Power Issues

If your Haier dehumidifier has no power, make sure the unit is plugged into a working outlet. If you are not sure whether the outlet is functional, try plugging another device into the outlet or plugging your dehumidifier into a different outlet. Also, verify no switches have been turned off and no circuit breakers have been flipped or fuses have blown.

Check the dehumidifier's bucket, too. Haier dehumidifiers will shut off when the water bucket is full. If the bucket is full, empty it, and your dehumidifier should work again. Be sure to empty the bucket regularly, and pay attention to the bucket warning light on the device. It will tell you when you need to empty the bucket.

Airflow Issues

If your Haier dehumidifier has power but weakened or no airflow, there might be a blockage somewhere. Check the air filter to verify it does not need to be cleaned. If it appears dirty, try cleaning it with some soap and warm water and letting it air dry.

Make sure no curtains, drapes or any other item is blocking the airflow to and from the dehumidifier. Your Haier dehumidifier should be placed in a area free from any obstructions. Try moving the dehumidifier to a different location to see if that helps the air flow.

Finally, occasionally the condenser coils behind the air filter can build up residue that affects airflow. Keep the coils regularly cleaned with a soft brush.

Dehumidifcation Issues

When you first begin using your Haier dehumidifier, it might take three to four days, according to Haier, for your room to be properly dehumidified. Make sure you are giving the device enough time to work.

If you've given it plenty of time and the device still isn't drying the room to your satisfaction, check the settings. Try adjusting the humidity setting and fan speed setting.

Check to ensure all of your doors and windows are closed. To function properly, your Haier dehumidifier needs all of the doors and windows closed tightly in the room you are trying to dry out.

Check the room temperature. A Haier dehumidifier will not work if the room temperature is below 60 degrees. Household appliances--especially clothes dryers--can affect the functionality of the dehumidfier. Make sure any humidity-emitting appliances are turned off.

Finally, make sure you are not trying to dry too large of an area. Make sure to read the specifications for your particular Haier model. If you are trying to dehumidify an area that exceeds the devices capability you may need a bigger or more powerful unit.

Contact Haier

If nothing else seems to work, contact Haier. You can contact Haier by going to www.haieramerica.com/en/support. The site also has a troubleshooting feature that will allow you to further troubleshoot your dehumidifier.