My Kenmore Refrigerator Won't Cool

Your Kenmore refrigerator may not be cooling due to one of several commonly reported problems, including power supply issues, mistakes in the fridge setup or damage to the appliance. You can attempt to resolve your refrigerator's cooling problems yourself by following some manufacturer-approved troubleshooting tips.

This approach reduces the likelihood of an unnecessary repair visit by a Kenmore technician. Troubleshooting your refrigerator's cooling problems will take around 10 minutes.

  1. Confirm the fridge is plugged into an active outlet. Check that the outlet is switched on if your home is fitted with outlets that have on/off switches. Make sure the plug is not loose in the outlet.

  2. Test the refrigerator's electrical supply by connecting a lamp to the outlet. Replace or rest your fuses or breakers if the lamp does not light.

  3. Check the fridge's temperature dial. Make sure it is set to a number and not the "Off" position. Temperature dials are easily knocked askew when you're loading food into the refrigerator.

  4. Verify that the refrigerator door is able to close. Items inside the door or on the edge of the shelves can sometimes cause the door to be held slightly open. Make sure the door is tightly closed to prevent cool air escaping.

  5. Check that the door seal is free of holes or splits and it is firmly attached to the door frame. Cool air can escape from inside the fridge if the seal is loose or damaged.

  6. Move your Kenmore refrigerator away from heat generating appliances such as clothes dryers and ovens. Ideally, room-temperature air should be able to circulate around the sides and down the back of the fridge. The temperature inside can increase if the air is too warm.

  7. Don't place warm food or containers inside your Kenmore refrigerator. Always allow food to cool to room temperature before refrigerating. Make sure the fridge door is not held open for prolonged periods.

  8. Contact Kenmore if these steps do not solve the problem, as you may be experiencing a more complex problem with your refrigerator. See Resources for Kenmore's contact details.