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Setting Temperature in GE Adora Refrigerator

Mario Calhoun

The GE Adora refrigerator is a side-by-side home refrigeration unit that displays the current setting for the appliance's interior, which is configured by default for the proper cooling temperature. The controls are located inside the refrigerator, and they enable you to adjust the default temperature if your Adora refrigerator is too cold or too warm to properly store food. Adjustments to the temperature take up to 24 hours to switch to the new setting, and they are displayed on the controls as a numerical value.

Step 1

Open the right door of the GE Adora refrigerator. Remove the protective film cover on the temperature controls located at the top of the inside of the refrigerator.

Step 2

Push "Colder" to lower the refrigerator temperature by one number, or push "Warmer" to increase the temperature by one number. A 0 setting shuts off the temperature altogether, whereas 9 is the coldest setting for the appliance.

Step 3

Push "Colder" or "Warmer" on the Freezer Temp control panel to decrease or increase the temperature.

Step 4

Shut the door once the new temperature number is displayed. Wait between 12 and 24 hours to allow the GE Adora to adjust to the new settings.

Step 5

Push "TurboCool" inside the refrigerator to increase the cooling speed of the refrigerator. This control is ideal for storing a large amount of food in order to ensure that the food is cooled evenly.