How to Adjust the Ice Maker in a Samsung RF26 Fridge

Maxwell Payne

The RF26 series of refrigerators by Samsung feature an external digital control panel and display that also dispenses ice and water. Multiple adjustments can be made to change the type of ice, the frequency of the ice dispensing and temperature of the ice compartment. Unlike older models of fridges with a lever that controlled ice dispensing, the RF26 series relies on user-friendly digital controls.

Step 1

Locate the "Ice Off/Lock" button on the freezer door display. Press it once to disable the ice making feature. This will prevent ice from being made. Press again to resume ice production. If the ice maker will be disabled for a few days, open the freezer, pull the ice bucket lock lever forward and remove the bucket. Empty the bucket of all ice, then push the bucket back in place.

Step 2

Press the "Power Freeze" button on the door display once to activate this feature. Using this will produce more ice at a quicker rate. Disable it by pushing the same button. Note that using this feature will cause the freezer internal temperature to drop for a few hours after use.

Step 3

Select the type of ice as needed to adjust the size of the ice, by pressing the "Ice/Water" button until the type of ice — either cubed or crushed — is shown on the display.

Step 4

Open the fridge section and adjust the temperature control dial for the freezer to a lower temperature number if ice is coming out small, in a less than desirable amount or partially melted.