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How to Troubleshoot a GE Profile PS123SGNA BS Arctica Freezer

D.C. Winston

The General Electric PS123SGNA BS refrigerator is a side-by-side model in the Profile line of appliances. It's an Artica model, which means it includes proprietary GE features including Custom Cool technology, the Climate Keeper system, Frostguard technology and Turbo Cool and Quick Ice settings, among others. Artica icemakers have a larger capacity than other GE icemakers; Artica ice makers can produce and retain 10 lbs. of ice.

Artica is a marketing brand for a clutch of GE refrigeration and freezer features.

Step 1

Toss out the first several batches of ice in a new unit or on any unit that has been out of service, as these may contain particles of debris washed out of the water line.

Step 2

Correct for cloudy, shrinking and/or foul tasting ice cubes by discarding any cubes that have sat in the ice bin for more than a week or so and initiating a fresh ice making cycle.

Step 3

Check to determine whether the feeler arm is stuck if the ice maker does not initiate a fresh ice-making cycle even when the bin is low or empty. Remove any obstructions, such as a wine bottle chilling in the ice reservoir, and gently move the feeler back into its neutral floating position in the bin.

Step 4

Restore an empty ice reserve to full, most quickly, by dispensing 3 to 4 cubes 12 hours after the first new batch is released into the bucket. Wait 6 hours and dispense 3 to 4 cubes once more. This will keep the ice maker in active mode and will most quickly replenish the supply. Use this in conjunction with the "Quick Ice" feature button on the control pad, which will keep ice production high for 48 hours.

Step 5

Replace the ice reserve bin after regular cleaning, by pressing it firmly all the way back into the cavity. If the bin will not slide in fully, remove the bin once more and turn the round metal drive mechanism at the center back 1/4 turn. Then insert the ice bin completely.

Step 6

Refrain from adding bagged ice to the ice bin or storing anything foreign in the ice bin, as this can jam the ice auger and impede dispensing form the door beverage center.