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How to Fix an Ice Bin Auger That Won't Turn in an Icemaker

Mary Lougee

Icemakers in refrigerator freezers have a bin in the door that has an auger in the bottom for dispensing cubes. The auger turns and presses ice cubes through openings that let it fall through the dispensing chute. Augers will not turn if there are ice cubes stuck in the system. Accumulation of frost, or large ice cubes in the ice bin bottom and the opening beneath it will block the opening and the auger will not activate.

  1. Open the ice dispenser flap. Reach inside and pull out any stuck ice cubes. Close the freezer door completely. Place a glass under the ice dispenser and press it in to check the function.

  2. Open the freezer door. Depress the ice bin buttons on the bottom of the bin. Pull the ice bin straight up and remove it from the door. Different makes and models will have either one button on the front of the ice bin or two on either side.

  3. Turn the ice bin upside down over a large bowl to remove the ice cubes. Observe the bottom of the ice bin for cubes that are stuck in the metal chute opening. Remove any cubes stuck together by breaking them with an ice pick.

  4. Turn the auger in the ice bin clockwise by hand to insure it will turn. Observe the bin from inside the top and underneath to see the parts turning. Rinse any frost accumulations off the inside and bottom with cold water. Dry the wet areas with a towel.

  5. Clean any frost off the valve underneath the ice bin area with a cool wet washcloth. Remove any ice cubes that are jammed in the metal opening.

  6. Align the ice bin in the freezer door and press down firmly with one hand on each side of the top. There will be an audible click when the bin locks in position.