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How to Change the Battery in an Acu-Rite Digital Thermometer

William Pullman

Acu-Rite digital thermometers have battery-powered modules that measure indoor and outdoor temperatures. Outdoor temperatures are monitored by a wireless sensor that sends temperature information to the main unit from an outdoor location. The main unit measures and displays the indoor temperature and provides a readout of the outside temperature received from the wireless sensor. If the thermometer stops working, the batteries should be changed in both the wireless sensor and the main unit.

Wireless Sensor

  1. Turn the wireless sensor over and slide off the battery cover to expose the battery compartment.

  2. Remove the exhausted batteries from the sensor and dispose of them in a waste receptacle.

  3. Place two AA batteries in the wireless sensor. The positive side of the left battery should face the top of the sensor, and the positive side of the right battery should face the bottom of the sensor.

  4. Replace the battery cover by sliding it onto the sensor.

Main Thermometer Unit

  1. Turn the main thermometer unit around and push down on the battery cover to slide it off the unit.

  2. Pull the old AAA batteries out of the unit and dispose of them.

  3. Insert two new AAA batteries in the battery compartment. The positive side of the top battery should face the right side of the main unit, and the positive side of the bottom battery should face the left side of the unit.

  4. Slide the battery cover back onto the main thermometer unit to complete the battery replacement.