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How to Troubleshoot Arctic Air Freezers

Vanessa Ryan

Arctic Air is a manufacturer of different models of commercial reach-in refrigerators and freezers, based in Minnesota. Losing power to a commercial freezer may result in great expense to a business in spoiled food if the problem isn't remedied quickly. You can try different troubleshooting tips for your Arctic Air freezer to get it up and running before calling for service.

Step 1

Flip the temperature control switch on and plug the power cord securely into a live wall outlet if the freezer isn't running. Check the fuse and replace it with a 15-amp time delay fuse if it has blown.

Step 2

Keep the door of the freezer closed more often and move the control knob to a warmer setting if you notice the freezer running longer than you think it should. Wait for a few hours for it to stop if the humidity level outside the freezer is high, or if you have placed warm food inside.

Step 3

Remove the food from inside the freezer and clean the freezer out with a sponge, warm water, and baking soda if it has an unpleasant odor. Cover any foods that may cause a problem tightly when you place them inside the freezer.

Step 4

Move the temperature setting to a warmer temperature and then wait a few hours for it to adjust if the temperature inside is too cold. Select a colder temperature or avoid opening the door too often if the internal temperature is too warm.

Step 5

Order a bulb from Arctic Air or a hardware store that's the same wattage and type as the one in your freezer model if it burns out.