How to Fix Common Problems in a Kenmore Dryer

Patrick Nelson

Common problems in Kenmore dryers can be fixed easily with a bit of troubleshooting. The most common problems include clothes not drying properly. The most irritating include items shrinking and damage to garments.

You can avoid the cost of a service call by identifying the problem, most of which have a quick and easy fix.

  1. Check the power cord is plugged in and that the fuse or circuit breaker to the appliance hasn’t tripped if the dryer won’t run. Make sure the door is closed. Make sure you press the Start button firmly and for at least a second. Check that a cycle is selected.

  2. Open the lint screen and make sure it isn’t clogged. If it is, clear it. Check that the dryer vent isn’t obstructed if the dryer isn’t drying satisfactorily. The vent should not be kinked and blocked at the outside. Snow or varmints can cause blockages. Rats and mice love the heat generated from a dryer and will make a nest if they can.

  3. Check that you are selecting the right cycle. Air dry, for example doesn’t generate heat and can cause garments not to dry.

  4. Make sure the dryer isn’t overloaded if the clothes shrink. Check the manufacturer's label and make sure it matches with the dryer cycle. It may not be a problem with the dryer; rather, it may be a case of over-drying.

  5. Make sure the washing machine is draining properly. The problem may not be with the dryer but with the garments that may be coming out of the washer too wet.

  6. Close zippers, snaps and hooks to avoid damage to garments.