What Are the Causes of Dryer Not Heating?

If your dryer is running but your clothes aren't getting dry, the problem is probably due to a lack of heat coming from the dryer. A number of reasons exist as to why your dryer may not heat properly. Some of these causes are easy fixes, and some may require extensive dryer repair.

Your dryer may still operate but fail to produce heat.

If you are limited in your repair abilities, consult a professional dryer repair specialist for assistance.

Insufficient Voltage

One of the most common reasons for a dryer not heating is inadequate voltage. Most dryers must operate on 240 volts to produce enough heat to dry clothes, but according to RepairClinic.com, a dryer can still tumble with partial power even if the heating function is not working adequately. Check that the dryer is plugged in, and verify that the wiring to the dryer outlet is not faulty or loose. Test the voltage of the dryer with a voltmeter to verify the machine is receiving the correct voltage. If necessary, reset the dryer by switching the circuit breakers on and off at the circuit breaker panel, or try replacing the dryer fuses if you have a fuse box.

Broken Thermostat

In some cases, one or more of the dryer thermostats may stop working properly and result in overheating or a lack of heat during the drying cycle. Most dryers are fitted with several small, round thermostats that are roughly an inch in size. They are typically located under the dryer lint trap or attached to the blower housing. The thermostats work together to control the temperature of the heating mechanism to keep the dryer from overheating or becoming too cool. If you have the mechanical skills to locate and replace the thermostats, this may solve your dryer heating problem.

Damaged Heating Element

As the name implies, the heating element in your dryer is responsible for generating the heat that dries your clothes. If you have ruled out other possible causes, such as faulty wiring, poor connection and blown fuses, a damaged heating element may be the reason your dryer is not heating. PartSelect.com indicates that dryer heating elements are not repairable and require replacement if they become damaged. Dryer heating elements are typically located at the back of the dryer or in the front of the dryer, and you can gain access by dismantling the dryer cabinet.