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What Is Swanstone?

Table of Contents

Solid surface sountertops have become the top choice for discriminating homeowners and designers in the past two decades. Granite, in particular, is synonymous with luxury kitchen design, and other solid surfaces have become popular as well, including quartz, marble, stainless steel and concrete.

Swanstone is another choice for solid surface kitchen and bath design, and it has quietly been a strong market contender for 40 years.


Rather than being a particular kind of individual countertop, Swanstone is actually a brand of solid surface items for both kitchen and bath design, including sinks, shower and tub surrounds, and countertops.


Swanstone is considered to be a 'green' product because it is built to last for generations, and does not need to be replaced as often as other countertops. In addition, during production, the closed molding process for Swanstone reduces pollutants and VOC's(volatile organic compounds), and all oils used in the process are recycled and reused.


Swanstone is a solid surface created by the compression of a plastic compound into molds. Because it is manmade, it is available in dozens of colors, both solid and aggregate.


Because it is made at such high compression levels, Swanstone is more heat, stain and crack resistant than natural solid surface countertops such as granite and marble.


Swanstone is a United States company and has been developing and producing solid surface countertops and other items for more than four decades. The Swan Corporation first introduced a doorless, shell-shaped shower in 1964, and in 1987, the first Swanstone products were released: solid surface vanity tops and bowls.