How to Make a Quilt Hanger to Hang a Quilt on the Wall Without Putting Holes in It

F.R.R. Mallory

Hanging a quilt on the wall is a wonderful way to display its fabrics and details. However, one of the problems with hanging a quilt is that over time, the mechanisms holding up the weight of the quilt will begin to damage it.

PVC pipe can be used to hang quilts.

Most of the time, pockets are attached to the back of a quilt in an effort to overcome this problem but that means that the quilt has to be modified. If you don't want to modify your quilt with pockets, then you need a different method of hanging the quilt safely.

  1. Measure the width of the quilt along the top edge. Add 4-inches to this measurement.

  2. Cut 1-inch PVC pipe to this length using a hack saw and a saw box.

  3. Apply PVC glue to the inside end of the pipe and insert an end cap piece. Repeat for both ends.

  4. Mount two curtain rod holders to the wall designed for 1-inch thick curtain rods. Space the holders 2-inches wider than the width of the quilt.

  5. Place the quilt face down on the work table. Place the PVC pipe centered along the top edge of the quilt. Roll the quilt onto the pipe half way. Press a snap clamp over the quilt at each end. Add more snap clamps spaced as closely as you prefer. Position the pipe onto the curtain holders.


A pipe can also be added to the bottom of the quilt if you want it to hang straight. Pipes and clamps are available in many sizes so you can adjust the fit to suit your needs.