DIY Decorative Baseboard Heater Covers

Carolyn Kay Neeley

If you are trying to find a way to hide unsightly baseboard heater covers, opt to decorate them instead. Do-it-yourself decorative baseboard heater covers allow you to completely customize your heaters to match your room decor.

DIY decorative baseboard heater covers are limited only by your imagination.

In addition, decorating your baseboard heater covers yourself will save you money over buying new heater covers that may or may not be as well-suited to your room.


Before attempting any sort of decorative measure to your baseboard heater covers, you should properly prepare them. Turn off the electricity to the area and remove the heater covers from the wall. Clean the baseboard heater covers thoroughly and allow them to dry completely before decorating. If there is any rust apparent, use a steel wool pad to remove the rust and prime your heater covers for any decorations with a rust-preventing spray paint primer.


Of course, the most obvious and easiest way of decorating baseboard heater covers is to paint them. If you want your covers to be a solid color, using a heat-resistant spray paint is the simplest method and offers you a variety of finishes to match your decor. For a durable, long-lasting finish, though, be sure to use a good primer first. If it will suit your room, consider applying chrome to your existing baseboard heater covers.

You could also consider painting or stenciling designs or patterns onto your heater covers. If you have the skill, you could even paint mini-murals on the covers. Have a unique picture for each heater cover or have a continuous picture in sequential order throughout the room. However, be sure to use acrylics instead of oil-based paints, and consider using a good quality heat-resistant sealant to reduce the risk of fire or heat related accidents.


Another way to spruce up your baseboard heater covers is to cover them. If you have wallpaper, considering using the same wallpaper to cover your heater covers. Or choose a complementary wallpaper if your walls are painted to give a little visual interest. You can use newspapers or other decorative papers, too. Some design styles use a lot of wood, and you may want to consider applying a thin wood veneer to your baseboard heater covers. You can even choose to use cotton or poly/cotton blend fabrics, as long as you take care to trim around ventilation areas.

Whatever type of covering you choose to use to decorate baseboard heater covers, be sure to use a heat-resistant adhesive to secure the covering, and apply the cover only to the front, sides, and top of the heater covers - not the inside or bottom. Use a small paint roller to apply the adhesive to the entire heater cover, then lay your covering of choice over the baseboard heater cover, smoothing it down with your hands to eliminate air pockets.