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How Wide Should Dresser Drawers Be?

Jeffery Keilholtz

Dimensions of dresser drawers will almost always differ. Depending upon what is to be stored--be it socks or shirts--most standard dressers will have at least two varieties of drawers with different widths. "A minimum of three to six large drawers with a smaller top drawer," states Squidoo.com, might even be "

Dressers can be composed from a variety of woods.

Dimensions Differ

Handles can often be changed on a dresser drawer.

split or solid."

Dressers Drawers Are Often Standardized

Dressers often accompany a bedroom suite.

Even though different size drawers tend to exist, they are often standard in size. The width of most dresser drawers rarely exceeds 36 inches. Even extra-wide dressers, such as the Nevis Dresser (at 63 inches wide) at BedroomFurnitureNMore.com, is designed with individual drawers no wider than 3 feet each.

Bottom Line

Depending upon its composition, dressers can be cheap or expensive.

Dresser drawers should be no more than 36 inches wide. Specifically, states Squidoo.com, a "standard size pine chest of drawers" is typically sized in either “17-inch width, 24-inch width, 30-inch width or 36-inch width" drawers. The heaviness of a dresser can also greatly fluctuate; depending upon its type of wood or number of drawers.