How to Paint Z-Brick

Melissa Lewis

The Z-Brick Corporation was the first manufacturer to make a brick facing, which can be installed by average homeowners. Z-Bricks contains a variety of mineral products and have an authentic brick feel to them. They are lightweight, but do not easily break or chip.

They are usually installed with Z-Ment and are sealed with Z-Sealer. If you do not prefer the look of your Z-Bricks, painting them is an easier solution than ripping them out and then needing to drywall or replaster when done.

  1. Prepare and plan for your project. Cover appliances, floors, and furnishings before painting. Be sure your room is well ventilated and you follow the manufacturer's directions for all products used. Discuss your project with your local paint store expert to learn his recommendations for the best products to use. You may wish to wear safety glasses, rubber gloves, and a respiratory mask while using chemical based products.

  2. Clean the Z-Bricks of all dirt, grime, and grease. Use a degreasing product, like 409, to spray on the bricks and scrub with a rag. Then, clean the Z-Bricks with trisodium phosphate (TSP).

  3. Prime with a high-quality latex primer and sealer. You can have your primer tinted a few shades lighter than you paint color, which may possibly save you from having to apply an extra coat of paint. Apply your first coat with a heavy nap roller, ¾ to 1 inch. Then, use a 3” latex brush to apply a second coat of primer. This will help fill in the nooks and crannies the roller may have not covered and give the bricks a smooth finish.

  4. Paint with a high-quality latex paint and apply the paint the same way as the primer, following up with a 3” brush for the second coat.


Be sure to allow ample drying times between coats of primer and paint.