How to Hang Tapestry on the Ceiling

Lanh Ma

A tapestry is typically considered a wall hanging, but it can also be hung on your ceiling to add some texture and color to the upper portion of your room. Hang a medieval tapestry on your ceiling for a traditional effect or hang a batik tapestry on your ceiling for a sunny tropical look.

Choose a beautifully decorated tapestry for a Victorian room.

One method that allows you to hang the tapestry on the ceiling involves the use of a hook and loop fastener like Velcro.


For a thinner tapestry, soak the fabric in liquid starch and smooth it flat across the ceiling. The starch holds the tapestry to the ceiling like wallpaper paste.

  1. Measure the width of the tapestry using a measuring tape.

  2. Cut at least four strips of hook and loop fastener that match the measurement. Each strip of hook and loop fastener comes in two parts. Leave the hook and loop strips attached to each other.

  3. Hot glue the strips of hook and loop fastener across the width of the tapestry, starting at one edge and working to the other. The strips should be spaced evenly. A larger tapestry will need more strips.These strips travel across the width of the tapestry and they will hold it to the ceiling.

  4. Mount a ladder with your hot glue gun and the tapestry.

  5. Apply a line of hot glue across the back of the first hook and loop strip and press it to the ceiling. This glues the other side of the hook and loop strip to the ceiling. The advantage of this method lies in that the strips can be separated and the tapestry removed for cleaning easily. Then, once the tapestry is clean, it can be reapplied to the ceiling simply by matching the strips of hook and loop fastening to each other once again.

  6. Glue the second strip to the ceiling with hot glue as well, puling it so that the fabric between the first strip and the second is held taut to the ceiling.

  7. Repeat until all of the strips are glued and the tapestry is flat against the ceiling.