How to Turn Off a Tire Sensor Light

The tire sensor light notifies you of low air pressure in one of your vehicles tires. While auto manufacturers recommend checking and adjusting your tire pressure every two weeks, the reality is most people don’t do so.

Failure to keep your tire pressure set properly leads to poor fuel mileage, abbreviated tire life and if left too long, accidents. The latter concern led to Federal regulations for tire pressure monitoring systems. If the light is on, you need to check and adjust your tire pressures immediately.

  1. Open your driver’s door and locate the tire pressure information on the VIN sticker. The VIN sticker is usually on the trailing edge of the door, but sometimes you’ll find it inside the door frame. Some cars, trucks and SUVs also have the tire pressure information printed on a sticker inside the fuel door.

  2. Check the tire pressure on each tire using a digital tire pressure gauge.

  3. Set the tire pressures to the specified tire pressure per your vehicle’s VIN sticker using the air hose connected to a compressed air source.

  4. Drive the vehicle for 5 miles after setting the tire pressures and the light will turn off once the system checks the pressures and notes the tires are at the proper pressure.


Do not rely on a stick style analog pressure gauge as they stick often and are usually very inaccurate. Never go by the pressure recommendation on the tire sidewall, as that is the maximum pressure the tire can handle, regardless of the year, make and model of the vehicle.