Uses for Gorilla Glue

Helen Jain

Gorilla Glue is one option for household or craft adhesive needs. It is a strong glue because it creates a tight, lasting bond between two items. It saves time around the home by eliminating the need for a hammer and nails or the use of a drill and screws.

Since the glue is made to adhere to several different surfaces, it can be used for a wide variety of projects.


Gorilla Wood Glue is an appropriate adhesive to apply to furniture. The wood glue is a strong adhesive made specifically for wooden materials, including chairs and tables. If a chair has a loose leg dangling from the top, put some glue on the top of the leg and press it firmly into place. The glue will fix the leg and prevent the chair from wobbling.


Gorilla Glue and Gorilla Epoxy are appropriate adhesive products for glass materials. The glue creates a double bond to hold glass together and does not expand or come apart in water. The glue can be used to piece together broken glass and glass tiles. The adhesive is tough and durable.


Gorilla Super Glue is ideal for small projects and hobby projects, such as model planes and cars. It goes on strong and holds items together, and the small tip allows for application in the tightest and/or smallest spaces. The glue is strong and dries quickly, making it ideal for projects that require glue while moving ahead to the next application step at a quick pace.

Dissimilar Objects

Objects that are dissimilar, such as metal and wood, or shapes such as a square and a circle, require a strong adhesive to keep them together. The basic Gorilla Glue can be used for any adhesive need that combines two different materials or shapes. It is waterproof and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. It adheres to a wide range for materials, including metal, plastic, brick, stone, wood, glass, ceramic, concrete and foam.