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What Are Industrial Products?

Neil Kokemuller

An industrial product is a good used by a company for business consumption. It is distinct from a consumable good, which is purchased by individuals for personal and family consumption. One company selling goods to another for business consumption is a prime example of business-to-business, or B2B.

An industrial plant.

Product Categories

The two primary industrial product categories are support equipment and tools and production components and raw materials. Manufacturers buy various types of equipment, machinery and tools to produce goods for sale, for instance. Restaurants purchase industrial equipment and cooking machinery to prepare food in a large-scale kitchen operation. Production components include computer chips added to a desktop computer. Raw materials include plastic, leather and steel used in production.

Industrial Strength

In some cases, companies make and sell goods for both industrial and consumer markets. Supplies and materials intended for commercial use are often marketed as "industrial strength." The commercial product may have stronger chemicals or materials, or may pose danger to novice users. States may require that certain products are only sold to licensed or experienced professionals based on safety, health or environmental risks.