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Can I Use Memory Foam for Upholstery?

Edriaan Koening

Memory foam, the popular foam invented by NASA, can serve as upholstery in chairs or other furniture. It works well even for heavy use because of its superior quality compared to other types of foam.


Replace the padding of old furniture with memory foam.

NASA came up with memory foam to protect astronauts from gravitational force. Manufacturers developed the material to create items for commercial use.


Memory foam returns to its normal shape after heavy or repeated pressure. In environments where furniture padding suffers long hours of use, memory foam offers the benefit of retaining its comfort level.


Because of its durability, memory foam works well for furniture that is used often, such as chairs in offices and car seats. Memory foam also serves as mattresses and pillows.


Memory foams comes in different thickness levels, grades and densities. Density and thickness are matters of preference, but choose memory foam from a reputable company to ensure durability.


When it first entered the market, memory foam was available only for limited uses at high prices. Since then, more suppliers have entered the market, making memory foam more affordable. However, very cheap memory foam might be of low density or layered with cheaper materials.