The Best Way to Kill Rats in Your Backyard

Rats are nasty vermin that have fleas that can carry diseases, so having them in a person's backyard is not a good thing. Another problem with rats being in a person's backyard is that they can migrate to the house.

All it takes is a hole a person is not aware of and a person can find himself with rats living in the attic, as well as in the walls, and even under the home. If a person can eradicate the rats from the backyard, they can be avoided in the home.

Ramik Green

Ramik Green is a type of rat poison that is specially formulated to be attractive to rats. It has multiple grains, sweeteners and fish oil so rats will eat it and will also carry it back to their nests. However, if you has pets or small children, the best way to use it is to make bait boxes. You can do this by purchasing some scrap lumber and nailing together four sides to create a bait box. Before nailing up the last side put bedding material inside along with the Ramik Green to attract the rats to eat and nest there. Then drill two holes on each end that are big enough for just the rats to get through. This will protect the poison inside and make it hard for pets or children to get to it on the inside since only the rats can fit in the holes. Then you should simply put out a few of these bait boxes in the backyard. The rats will go into them, nest and eat the poison and die. Then you just have to dispose of the bait boxes once all the rats have been killed.

Bait Box, Sticky Board Rat Traps and Rotten Food

For those who don't like the idea of using poison, and are searching for a more humane way to kill the rats in their backyard, or perhaps because they have small children and or pets and don't want to take the chance, there is a more humane way to use the bait box. Make a bait box from scrap lumber. Nail three sides together then put down a few sticky board rat traps on the bottom side. Add some rotten food to attract the rats and then nail up the fourth side. Drill two holes, one on each end that are big enough for only the rats to get through. The rats will be attracted to the rotten food and crawl into the bait box and become stuck to the sticky board rat traps where they will die. Then you can simply dispose of the bait boxes once all the rats have been killed.

Purchase a Rat Terrier

Rat terriers were born and bred in Great Britain solely for the purpose of killing rats and other vermin. If a person has a rat terrier or two in their backyard, these feisty dogs will clear a person's backyard of rats relatively quickly. They are very smart and make good family pets as well, so they have a dual advantage because of this. Owning a rat terrier is an excellent way to get rid of the rats in a person's backyard because it is a humane and quick way for the rats to die, and a person does not have to worry about a child or pet getting into poison.