How to Repair the Rubber Heels of Shoes

Dale Yalanovsky

Wearing out or damaging the heel on a favorite shoe has generally meant it needs to be taken into a cobbler for expert shoe repair, or it ends up in the garbage to be replaced with a brand new pair of shoes.

Home shoe repair is not something that a lot of people think about when the heels of their shoes go bad, but if you have a little do-it-yourself knowledge, repairing a shoe heel yourself can save a lot of time and money.

  1. Sand and rough up the damaged area of the heel. Use either an emery board or sandpaper. If you have purchased a tube of Shoe Goo, it will come with a sanding board.

  2. Squeeze out and apply Shoe Goo over the damaged area of the heel. Fill in as much of the damaged area as possible.

  3. Apply Shoe Goo to the tip of a toothpick and work it into difficult places to reach like cracks or crevices.

  4. Smooth out the freshly applied Shoe Goo with an ice cube.

  5. Follow manufacturer’s directions for drying time, but most repairs will take 24 hours to dry. Thick applications may take longer.