How to Dispose of a Mirror

Kathryn Hatter

A household mirror may present challenges when you want to discard it. Because mirrors can be exceedingly dangerous if they break, you must take careful precautions prior to disposing of it.

This prevents breakage and keeps the people who handle your trash safe from unnecessary injuries.


Mirrors are eligible for curbside recycling in some jurisdictions.


Always wear work gloves, long sleeves, long pants and full-covering shoes to protect yourself when handling a mirror or mirror pieces.

  1. Wrap an intact mirror thoroughly in bubble paper, securing the bubble paper around the mirror with packing or duct tape. Wrap the mirror with another layer of newspapers, again securing the newspapers with tape. Label the outside of the newspapers clearly with the permanent marker to ensure your trash collectors know what they're handling.

  2. Place shards of broken mirror into a brown paper grocery bag. Fill the bag no more than half-full of mirror pieces and then roll the top of the bag down to close the bag.

  3. Tape the bag closed with tape, then put the grocery bag in a cardboard box and seal it securely with tape.

  4. Label the outside of the box to identify its contents.

  5. Place the intact mirror on the curb, near the rest of your refuse for pick up. Place the broken mirror box inside another trash bag with other refuse, or place it near the rest of your trash.