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The Best Way to Clean & Polish Mirrors

Christine Meyer

Cleaning solutions can be harsh on the environment because they are made with chemicals that need to be kept away from children and animals. Try making your own mirror cleaners and polishes from common household supplies and products found in your kitchen cabinets.

These cleaners not only do a good job of polishing and cleaning your mirrors, but are gentler on your wallet, safer for your family and don't put a strain on the environment.

Mirror Cleaning Solution

Make a simple but effective mirror cleaning solution from vinegar and water. White or apple cider vinegar works best. Use 1/2 cup vinegar to one gallon water, mix and put in a spray bottle. This will be your basic mirror cleaning solution. Use it to clean your mirrors on a weekly basis.

Mirror Polishing Paste

When your mirror needs something more than a regular cleaning, try this homemade polish. Mix a paste of cornstarch and water. Put a few tbsps. of cornstarch in a bowl, and add water until it has a thick consistency. Apply it to the mirror with a soft cloth. Using gentle circular motions, buff with the polishing paste, and remove with a clean cloth.

Cleaning Tips

Choose cleaning cloths carefully. Soft, clean cloths are the best for mirrors. Rough fabrics or dirty rags can scratch the surface of your mirror. Use crumpled newspapers for drying mirrors as well. Spray the cleaner on the rag rather than on the mirror to prevent drips from seeping into the mirror frame. Keep your mirror frame dry at all times as water or cleaners can cause warping and damage to the mirror or the frame.