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How to Antique an Acrylic Mirror

Ira Mency

Antiquing an acrylic mirror can be an easy and fun project. In most cases, this will require only a few steps. Depending on the weather conditions, you may be able to finish this project in as little as a few hours to one day's time--watching your new acrylic mirror transform into something with an antique look.

Time to Antique the Mirror Frame

Antiquing an acrylic mirror

Step 1

Visit your local hardware store to gather your supplies. The challenging part will be finding a good primer and subsequent paint for the acrylic frame on your mirror. There are several brands on the market, and talk to the store associate to help you find the best ones. Depending on the type of finish you desire, you may choose spray paint, or opt to acquire a brush, rag or sponge to use with paint that comes in a can.

Step 2

Prepare your workstation. Choose a work area with good ventilation. Outside spaces work well such as a garage with door open, or outside on a table in warm weather with low humidity. Spread out your drop cloth, and put on your mask and gloves.

Step 3

Carefully remove the mirror from the acrylic frame, and place the mirror in an area where it will not get damaged or touched by paint spray. It is now time to prepare the frame.

Step 4

Scuff the frame gently with the sandpaper to rough up the acrylic . This will allow it to hold the primer somewhat more easily. In cases where your frame has a lot of design work, this may be more difficult.

Step 5

Apply the primer to the frame with one even coat. A color such as beige or white is suggested. Allow adequate time to dry. Read drying instructions on the paint can.

Step 6

Apply the final coat of color (or optional colors) by using a faux-finish technique to achieve an antiqued look. The easiest way to do this is to brush on strokes unevenly for an all-over shabby finish, allowing some primer to show through.

Another option is to sponge or rag dab the paint on in places for a spottier, shabbier finish.

As an option, overlap and combine two colors (spray or can) atop the primer, creating a layered but older treatment.

Step 7

Allow adequate dry time, then replace the mirror into the frame. Your project is now ready to hang and has a whole new look of old, when it is really new.