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What Maintenance Does a Weil-McLain Gas Furnace Need?

Amber Kelsey
Table of Contents

Reliable heat is an absolute must in the harsh, cold winters of many regions. Weil-McLain sells a variety of user-friendly gas furnaces designed for residential use.

A Weil-McLain furnace should provide you with heat for many years, but you must perform a few regular maintenance procedures to keep your furnace running at peak efficiency.

Maintenance Schedule

Perform regular maintenance on your Weil-McLain furnace once a year in the spring or the summer. That way you'll have plenty of time to fix any problems before the cold weather hits. Furnace technicians are typically less busy in that time of year, so they might be able to service your furnace faster and may even charge you less than they would in the colder months.

Basic Preliminary Steps

Before you perform any maintenance work on your Weil-McLain furnace, disconnect all of the electrical power to your unit by flipping off the corresponding breaker on your main electrical panel. Turn off the gas line that runs to your unit and allow your furnace to cool completely before working on it. Failure to follow these preliminary steps can result in substantial property damage, severe injury and even death.

Dirt and Dust

Dirt and dust often collect around furnaces, clogging up the area and causing the units to become less efficient and waste fuel. Wipe down the outside of your Weil-McLain furnace with a slightly damp cloth to remove any loose dirt or dust particles. Vacuum around your furnace to remove any lint or dust that might clog up your system. Remove the sides of your furnace and use a vacuum with a nozzle attachment to suck up any dust that's accumulated inside of the unit.

Furnace Blower

The blades on your furnace's blower fan naturally accumulate dirt and dust. Your blower must remain clean to maintain the optimal airflow. Wipe off any loose particles with a damp cloth. Scrub off stubborn dirt with an old toothbrush.

Furnace Motor

Wipe down the motor housing with your damp cloth to remove particles that can cause heat buildup. Vacuum all of the pulleys and belts and inspect them for cracks or glazing. Change any affected items by replacing them with identical Weil-McLain parts. Test the pulleys and belts for looseness. Tighten any slackness by loosening the attachment bracket, pulling the belt or pulley tight, then fastening down the bracket.

Furnace Filters

Clean furnace filters help improve the air quality in your home and boost the efficiency of the furnace's blower fan. Replace your furnace filter at the start of every heating season. Check your filter once a month during times of continuous use. Inspect your filter by pulling it out of your furnace and holding it up to a light source. If you can see through the filter, simply wipe it off with a dry cloth and put it back in your furnace. Replace any clogged filters with identical Weil-McLain filters.


Although performing regular maintenance should keep your Weil-McLain furnace running efficiently, it never hurts to get a professional furnace technician to inspect and tune up your unit every few years. The professionals have the specialized skills and equipment necessary to make sure that all of the furnace parts are still functioning correctly.