How to Lubricate a Genie Garage Door Opener

A Genie garage door opener is a convenient device that makes lives a lot easier and homes more secure. With proper maintenance your Genie garage door opener will last longer and be safer.

  1. Recognize that Genie garage door openers must be lubricated or they will not perform as well. It is essential to use the correct lubricant, which extends the life of the Genie garage door opener and helps prevent the possibility of it breaking down.

  2. Purchase a lubricant recommended for the Genie garage door opener. Because the Genie has screw drives, you cannot use the same type of lubricant you would use for other garage door openers that do not have screw drives. Genie recommends using Genie GLU3 or GLU4 oil. You can purchase this through your Genie distributor.

  3. Gently wipe off excess grease on the screw with a soft cloth such as a baby diaper or chamois. Apply the lubricant to the screw making sure it is evenly distributed. Wipe away any excess grease.


Do not use WD-40 on a Genie garage door opener as it may cause problems such as dripping and degrade your garage door system.

Take care using the lubricant as it can damage the finish on items such as cars and bikes.

Make sure children are not around the lubricant as it can cause harm if ingested.