How to Winterize a Mobile Home

How to Winterize a Mobile Home. If you're living in a mobile home and facing your first winter, you may not be aware how difficult it can be to keep a mobile home warm.

Taking the proper steps to winterize your mobile home cannot only help keep you warm, but keep your heating bills down and also ensure that you safeguard your home against severely cold weather.


Remove snow from around the skirt of the mobile home to allow for ventilation to the furnace.


Don't overlap heat tape around water pipes. This can lead to a fire.

  1. Purchase a can of spray foam insulation from any hardware store or home improvement center. Fill in any holes around the outside of the mobile home, including around the spot where the water pipe enters the home.

  2. Install storm windows or purchase a window shrink-wrap kit to cover the windows with. Losing heat from around windows is common. Sealing drafts is one of the most important steps in winterizing a mobile home.

  3. Wrap an insulation blanket around your water heater and heat tape around water pipes. The water heater on most mobile homes is located through an access door outside the home, which means it's removed from the heat of the mobile home's living space.

  4. Seal the seams of the metal roof, if your mobile home has such a roof. Do this every year when you winterize your mobile home. Also, caulk around any plumbing pipes and vents that protrude from the roof.

  5. Perform routine maintenance on the mobile home's furnace. Replace or clean filters and clean exhaust vent and thermostat.

  6. Loosen all the tie-downs of the mobile home slightly to allow for ground heaving when the ground freezes during the winter. Having no slack in the tie-downs if the ground shifts can cause damage to the mobile home.