How to Clean the Filter in EdenPURE Heaters

Emma Lee

EdenPURE electric heaters allow you to heat individual rooms that you occupy most often rather than heating the whole house with a central heating system. You'll need to do maintenance on the heater to keep it operating at peak efficiency. One part of the heater that needs frequent maintenance is the filter.


Be careful not to drip residue from the filter onto material that could be stained.

Do not use alternative methods to force the filter to dry faster.

  1. Pull the filter straight out of the unit by pressing the tab at the top of the filter.

  2. Hold the filter with the backside facing up. Run warm tap water over the filter until the filter is clean and the water is clear. The filter can also be soaked in warm sudsy water until clean. Rinse thoroughly to remove soap.

  3. Shake the filter to remove the water and allow the filter to dry naturally. Lay the filter on a clean cloth until it's dry.

  4. Replace the filter in the heater and snap it into place.