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Thermador Vent Fan Cleaning

Jeremiah Blanchard

Thermador introduced the first built-in wall oven over 50 years ago and has been in the oven and kitchen appliance design business for over 110 years. Thermador produces a variety of oven and range vent hoods and fans. As with any oven vent fan, the device will eventually become dirty from grease and other particles. In order for the fan to operate in tip-top condition, clean the vent fan according to how frequently it is used.

  1. Turn off the vent, oven and stove top. Allow the appliances sufficient time to cool down completely if they were in use. This can take up to an hour or longer, depending on the prior heat setting.

  2. Remove the filter from the vent.

  3. Spray all-purpose cleaner around the fan frame. Wipe with a warm damp rag to scrub away grease from the frame interior and exterior.

  4. Soak the filter in hot, soapy water for an hour to help loosen grease and debris. Place the filter in the dishwasher and run through a normal cycle.

  5. Inspect the filter, then repeat steps 3 and 4 if the filter is still dirty. Dry thoroughly, then replace the filter.