How to Clean an Intex Pool

Thomas Ferraioli

Backyard pools are most fun when they are crystal clear and full for happy swimmers. An Intex pool, though inexpensive compared to pools installed by a hired team, requires the same kind of maintenance and care. Plan on spending several hours of your time per week keeping the pool in swimmer-ready condition.

Intex pools are easy to set-up, but require serious attention.

Scrubbing the inside wall, vacuuming the bottom and skimming the surface are just some of the tasks that need to be routine to keep the pool clean.


Vacuum the pool several times a week to avoid a build-up at the bottom of the pool.

Skim the Surface

  1. Place the skimmer into the pool like the oar of a boat. Allow the skimmer to sink an inch or two into the water while holding the skimmer at just off of perpendicular from the surface of the water.

  2. Sweep the surface of the pool water with the skimmer to remove leaves, twigs, bugs and other items that are floating in the water.

  3. Discard the debris away from the pool.

Interior Cleaning

  1. Scrub the walls of the pool with a sidewall brush. The brush will remove debris, such as leaves, from the side of the pool. More importantly, it will inhibit algae from growing. If algae is growing, scrubbing moves it into the pool where it can be removed by the filter system.

  2. Attach a venturi style vacuum to a garden hose. The venturi vacuum uses the pressure from a garden hose to create vacuum power to remove dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool, which is collected in a filter bag.

  3. Maneuver the vacuum head slowly along the bottom of the pool floor. Work systematically from one side to the next using overlapping strokes.