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How to Use the 'Lil Shark Pool Cleaner

Jann Seal
Table of Contents

The 'Lil Shark pool vacuum is designed expressly for above-ground swimming pools. Instructions on how to use a pool vac are included with the machine that include drawings and wording to make the installation and use of the 'Lil Shark pool cleaner simple.

This guide will detail how to use the Pentair Kreepy Krauly 'Lil Shark Classic to clean your pool.

At first glance, the 'Lil Shark Pool vacuum looks just like its name: a little shark with big teeth and a fin that quietly prowls the bottom of your above-ground pool. He may scare little children, but whoever is in charge of maintaining the pool will wear a smile, as this pool vacuum does the work necessary to keep the pool sparkling clean.

The History of the 'Lil Shark Pool Cleaner

Like big sharks, the 'Lil Shark pool vacuum traveled the world before it was introduced to the market. According to Kreepy Krauly, a Family Story, Ferdinand Chauvier, a South African hydraulics engineer, designed the prototype, but it had a short life when introduced to a swimming pool.

Terry Jackson, the managing director of a company that designed and installed above-ground pools in Western Australia, happened upon Chauvier and his prototype and brought the concept to Australia, where he refined it. Thus, a business was born.

In 1976, Jackson introduced his 'Lil Shark to the Australian market and soon after, to the world. It is now known as the Pentair Kreepy Krauly 'Lil Shark Classic.

Installing the 'Lil Shark Pool Cleaner

Don’t believe everything you read. Although the advertising purports that simply popping the 'Lil Shark Pool Vacuum out of the box and dropping it into the water will work, you must first do some housekeeping and be sure the water in the pool is chemically balanced. Then use a pool brush to dislodge any ground-in grime followed by hand vacuuming.

Experts also recommend cleaning the filter and pump strainer basket before you start the pump to continue with the installation of the 'Lil Shark, according to the User’s Manual.


Read and follow all installation warnings before beginning your 'Lil Shark installation.

You will need the long hose that extends beyond the floor of your pool and up the sidewalls, which comes with the 'Lil Shark. You are advised to use only the hose that comes with the pool vacuum.

With the installation manual at your side, follow the instructions by submerging the 'Lil Shark and its hose into the pool. Keep the vacuum turned upside-down as it and the hose fill with water.

Connect the hose to the skimmer. Next, check that the hose is long enough to cover the pool’s bottom and walls. If it’s too long, eliminate one of the hose sections. Watch the cleaner as it sweeps the bottom of the pool for the first time. You can adjust the settings to accommodate large, medium or small circles of coverage.

If the vacuum seems to stall in one place and is moving in a clockwise motion, reset the brush ring adjuster to a lower number. The factory setting is “0.”


If your pool has a drain on the bottom, close it before using the vacuum.

If your pool has a vacuum port, cover it when the 'Lil Shark is not in use to prevent entrapment or injury. The cover is included with your 'Lil Shark.

Safety Warnings When Using the 'Lil Shark

When the vacuum is in operation, be sure that no one is in the pool during the cleaning process. Remove the vacuum before allowing swimmers to enter the pool, as they may become entrapped in the hose.

After the cleaning is complete and the vacuum is removed from the pool, be sure all moving parts are turned off before you attempt to clean the head of the machine.