How to Make Wood Stronger

Kelvin Hayes

Many wood products come off the lumber yard fresh and moist with strongly bound fibers. However, as installed wood ages, an early to mid-stage of decomposition called spalting can occur. When this process of rotting sets in, a strengthening epoxy is painted or poured over the soft "punky"

Spalted wood is desireable as an interior finish wood for it's blue-black grain lines.

spots to ensure that the fibers remain bound together. Once strengthened, these epoxy strengtheners can be sanded, painted or hammered with nails, just like solid wood.


Improper mix ratio between the epoxy and hardener will result in an epoxy that dries too fast or is too thick to absorb into the wood. Follow the manufacturer's ratio recommendation closely.

  1. Pour the epoxy and hardener into the plastic mixing container as per the kit's ratio recommendation.

  2. Stir the mixture with a mixing stick until the liquid becomes the consistency slightly thicker than glue but not as thick as a paste.

  3. Spread the mixture over the soft sections of the wood and spread evenly using an applicator brush. Allow the epoxy to soak into the rotten section and stabilize (dry). Once dry, the rotten section can be treated as any other wood product.