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How to Clean High Efficiency Washing Machines

Kimbry Parker

High efficiency washing machines, also known as front-loading washers, provide the same cleaning power as top loaders, but they are more eco-friendly. They use less water and energy to get your laundry clean. High efficiency washers will require routine cleaning.

Detergent residue, dirt, mildew and minerals from the water can build up inside the machine. This results in odor inside the machine and can leave your laundry coming out less than clean. Give your high efficiency washer a good cleaning about every month to remove this buildup and to keep the machine running properly.

  1. Fill the detergent dispenser to the max level with white vinegar. Make sure there is no laundry in the washer.

  2. Set the machine to the hottest water temperature. Run the machine through a complete wash cycle.

  3. Scrub the fabric softener, detergent and bleach dispensers with an old toothbrush and all-purpose cleaner. Wipe them out with a dry rag to remove any residue.

  4. Soak up any water from between the rubber seals. Put about a quarter-sized amount of petroleum jelly onto a clean rag and use it scrub any buildup or stains from the rubber seal. Wipe down the seal around the door with a rag and all-purpose cleaner.

  5. Run another complete hot water wash cycle without adding detergent, vinegar or anything else. This will rinse away any loosened residue from inside the machine.

  6. Clean the outside of the washer with a rag and all-purpose cleaner.


Leave the door of your washer open when not in use. This will allow air to circulate and prevent odors.