How to Store a Down Comforter

How to Store a Down Comforter. There is nothing more comforting on cold winters' night than a down comforter. Filled with fluffy, downy feathers, the comforter surrounds you with warmth. To keep your down comforter for years to come, you need to store it properly.

  1. Remove any duvet cover that is protecting the down comforter. Store the duvet cover separately from the down comforter.

  2. Launder the down comforter, only if needed, before you store it. It's recommended that down comforters be laundered only every five years. With each laundering, important oils are removed from the down feathers and will decrease the efficiency of the down. It's recommended that you use a professional cleaner with experience cleaning down comforters if possible. If you must launder the down comforter, use only a large washing machine without an agitator and very gentle detergent.

  3. Dry the down comforter thoroughly, if it's been laundered. Dry the down comforter in a large dryer with the heat set at no higher than medium. A low-medium is recommended as higher heat can damage the down. Place tennis balls in white socks and tie the socks. Place the tennis balls in the dryer with the down comforter. The tennis balls keep the down from bunching up in one place. Drying the comforter may take a few hours to get it thoroughly dry.

  4. Wrap the down comforter in breathable cotton to store it. A king sized cotton sheet will work if you don't have a cotton storage bag. Make sure the comforter is totally dry before you store it and never, ever store down in plastic. Plastic promotes moisture and can create mildew not only on the surface, but also in the down feathers.

  5. Store the down comforter in a well-ventilated closet. Make sure that you don't store anything on top of the comforter that would crush the down feathers. Crushed feathers will reduce the efficiency of the down comforter.