How to Clean a Down Comforter at Home

Most down comforters tell you to dry-clean only but did you know that you can safely clean a down comforter at home? Dry cleaning can be expensive and sometimes cost almost as much as your comforter did in the first place.

Clean a Down Comforter at Home

It's not as hard as it may sound and you can have the convenience of cleaning your comforter any time you feel the need. Don't let drycleaners take you to the cleaners.

  1. Take your down comforter off of your bed and put it into the washing machine by itself. If it's white, go ahead and add some bleach. It's best if you have a bleach dispenser that automatically dispenses the bleach into your washing machine. Make sure your machine is large enough to hold a large comforter.

  2. Add detergent. Some people will suggest to use Woolite only but it won't clean as well as regular detergent and since most down comforters are white, you want to get it as clean as you can the first time so you don't have to wash it again. It's fine to use regular detergent as long as you use it sparingly.

  3. After your comforter has washed, it will look very flat; don't be alarmed. Check it to make sure it's as clean as you want it and then place it in the dryer. It might look gray at first due to being wet but you will be able to see if it's clean enough for you. Put your dryer on the lowest setting possible.

  4. Add your dryer balls. Dryer balls will fluff your down comforter up and make it look like new. If you do not have dryer balls you can add new tennis balls to your dryer instead. You can add a dryer sheet as well just to add a fresh scent to your down comforter.

  5. Let your comforter dry all day, periodically checking it to fluff it out and check for wetness. It will take hours to dry your down comforter and you want to make sure there's no moisture left in it so that the feathers are not flattened. Take your comforter out of the dryer once it's fully dry and place it back onto your bed.

  6. Tip

    Dryer balls are inexpensive and cut your drying time in half.


    Make sure your comforter is fully dry before using it.